A Brief Discussion of IOS7 / Rainbows

So IOS7 just came out this week. Errbody (ahem: designers) been shittin’ bricks about its rainbow gradients, making comparisons from candy ravers to Lisa Frank and all other things that encompass this multicolored refractive spectrum. People be hatin’ reaaaaaaaal hard. It looks like children’s drawings, it looks like basic shit, it just looks tacky as fuck, they say.

To which I say, “Nay!”

Now for one, I get that from the designer perspective, it lacks a certain cohesion that could be created by a limited color palette. Blah blah blah repetition ties a piece together blah blah

First of all, all y’all designers probably never painted a damn thing irl. When you paint shit, you use a fucking buttload of colors, you’re making rainbow gradients all over the damn place, and life is fucking rainbow gradients all up in that bitch. Colors refract and reflect off each other and are represented everywhere. Second of all, with all the apps that people add on, cohesion wasn’t even gonna happen =because every app-maker is gonna wanna make their icon their own damn way. You’ve already got the lack of color cohesion there — why not embrace it and ramp it up? RAINBOW COHESION

Also, third of all (and I feel like this should go unsaid) but RAINBOWS. EVERYBODY LIKES RAINBOWS.

I guess this is the part where it comes out that I am probably more of an artist than a designer (but I swear I’m making money off of designing and not art!), so there’s that. Anyway, I just don’t see what the big hullabaloo is about. When you simplify icons, you have to ramp up symbolism in other ways (ie: color) — so a rainbow gradient seems practical. Throw in some patterns and I’ll be a happy camper. Who doesn’t want that complexity in their lives? /hip

I’ve been designing stuff in black and white all day and all I want in my life are rainbows. Children like rainbows and they’re like pure humanity and shit so obviously everybody else should like rainbows or else they’re probably the devil or the antichrist or something.


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